We are the only human services association in North America that defines and implements standards as review procedures related to performance, quality of treatment, and service delivery systems on all organizational levels. The Teaching-Family Model is currently being implemented in residential group homes for emotionally disturbed adolescents and developmentally disabled adults, treatment foster care settings, home based services settings like family preservation, and in regular, as well as alternative, school classrooms.  The Model is also being used successfully in psychiatric residential treatment and behavior hospitals.



The Teaching-Family Association (TFA) was founded in 1975 to ensure the quality of care provided by professionals who actively pursue the goals of humane, effective, individualized treatment for children, families, and dependent adults using the common framework of the Teaching-Family Model for treatment and support. What is learned in one agency can be shared with other agencies within the Association and incorporated into the standards of quality assurance processes within the Association. TFA’s goals are to accredit members, recognize programs, standardize useful training and evaluation procedures, supervise program replication, and provide yearly conferences for sharing new material and program development. The Teaching-Family Association is the only entity in North America that defines and implements standards and review procedures related to the actual performance and quality of treatment and service delivery systems at all organizational levels. For more information about the Teaching-Family Model or the Teaching-Family Association that is beyond the scope of these web pages, e-mail, fax (804.639.9212), or call (804.632.0155) the Association Office.