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Three Agencies Achieve Triennial Re-Accreditation

Re-accreditation indicates continued fidelity and excellence in implementation of evidence-based, trauma-informed model of care: the Teaching-Family Model.


INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – On Monday, November 16th, the Teaching-Family Association announced the triennial re-accreditation of three Accredited Sponsor Agencies – the highest recognition of successful implementation of the evidence-based, trauma-informed full model of care, the Teaching-Family Model.
Hope Center for Children in Spartanburg, SC; Teaching Family Homes of Upper Michigan in Harvey, MI; and Thornwell Home for Children in Clinton, SC met or surpassed expectations of accreditation in the 15 key areas of review including community-based goals, integrated administrative systems, and core Teaching-Family elements.
These Accredited Sponsor Agencies exceeded criteria in supporting the approach of the Teaching-Family Model’s six elements: teaching, self-determination, relationships, client advocacy, family-sensitive approach and diversity. The agencies also demonstrated achievement of the Model’s five goal criteria: humane, effective, individualized and trauma-informed care as well as consumer satisfaction via data collection and on-site review.

Accreditation by the Teaching-Family Association indicates these agencies’ commitment to maintaining excellence through continued evaluation and development of evidence-based best practices in child welfare and more. “Re-accreditation demonstrates a level of excellence and sustainability,” said Teaching-Family Association Executive Director Peggy McElgunn. “In an industry that moves at the speed of light, it’s really something to be proud of.”
Hope Center for Children’s Director of Programs, Crystal McMillan appreciates the support TFA’s re-accreditation process provides the agency. “Having the support from the full network and that shared experience strengthens us,”  said McMillan. “It helps us be better advocates for the kids.”
Today is the final day of the Teaching-Family Association’s 38th Annual Conference in Indianapolis, where direct care practitioners and administrators from accredited and developing Teaching-Family Model agencies meet for continuing education and discussion.
Tonight, TFA’s annual awards banquet will recognize individual excellence in implementation of the evidence-based Teaching-Family Model.

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