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Keeping Families Together with the Teaching-Family Model

Many Teaching-Family Association accredited agencies use the Teaching-Family Model (TFM) in keeping families together via an in-home service delivery. With the passage of the Family First Act, these home-based prevention […]

Teaching-Family Model Practitioners’ Quality of Life Above Average

In an informal survey based on the Professional Quality of Life Scale (V5), most Teaching-Family Model practitioners who responded indicated above average compassion satisfaction and below average compassion fatigue. All professionals […]

New Study: Teaching-Family Model Homes “Produce Significantly Better Outcomes” for Youth Post-Discharge

Does Model matter? The Teaching-Family Model does. A new study published in the March issue of the Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders found that the Teaching-Family Model (TFM) makes a […]

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Teaching-Family Association Welcomes New Executive Director

July 13, 2018—The Teaching-Family Association is proud to announce and welcome Michele Boguslofski as our Executive Director. Michele has served the past four and a half years as Director at […]

Teaching-Family Association Announces Search for New Executive Director

The Teaching-Family Association (TFA) is accepting applications for an independently contracted Executive Director to forward the goals of the Association and its members. At this time, the application is limited […]

Family First Act Becomes Law with Two-Year Budget Deal

What it means for Teaching-Family Model agencies in the U.S. Since 2015, the Teaching-Family Association has been tracking and influencing “revolutionary” bi-partisan child welfare legislation known as the Family First […]

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