The Teaching-Family Association (TFA) was founded in 1975 to ensure the quality of care provided by professionals who actively pursue the goals of humane, effective, individualized treatment for children, families, and dependent adults using the common framework of the Teaching-Family Model for treatment and support. What is learned in one agency can be shared with other agencies within the Association and incorporated into the standards of quality assurance processes within the Association. TFA’s goals are to certify members, recognize programs, standardize useful training and evaluation procedures, supervise program replication, and provide yearly conferences for sharing new material and program development. The Teaching-Family Association is the only entity in North America that defines and implements standards and review procedures related to the actual performance and quality of treatment and service delivery systems at all organizational levels.



Teaching Family Association offers several membership categories.  Agencies may join and receive the highest level of benefits.  There are four levels of agency membership — all with benefits geared specifically for that level of participation and support.  Accredited membership, the highest level of agency membership, must be awarded through successful in the TFA accreditation process including a triennial application and onsite review. Individuals may join and receive individual member benefits.


pdf Download an Agency Application

pdfDownload an Individual Membership Application


Membership offers tremendous benefits. Learn how membership can improve quality for your agency through stronger outcomes, cost effective treatment, and administrative support for your professionals. Through newsletters, information, networking, advocacy, and support, all individual members are able to advance their careers through skill building, knowledge and support. Agencies are able to better support the work they do and their employees. The Association and the Model provides systems for advancement, recognition, support and success!


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